Details of the children's curriculum are provided below: 

(PSHE) Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 

Mathematics Curriculum

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 1

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 2

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 3

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 4

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 5

Moat House Primary School Curriculum Year 6


Read Write Inc, Literacy & Language Coverage Chart;

Literacy Curriculum


We value our curriculum and believe that it is crucial in engaging our pupils and preparing them for the next steps in their education. We revisit it regularly to keep it 'fresh and exciting.' It was last reviewed during the 2018 Summer Term when a few tweaks were made to enhance it. The changes are designed to stretch children's achievement and extend the range they need to study.

The involvement of parents is essential in achieving these requirements. This is an area we have tried to foster over the last few years. Our logo is "Working together" and with home and school working together it can help the academic progress of all our pupils.

We continue to ensure our approach is broad and balanced to provide our children with a range of opportunities to learn and achieve. We aim to develop an enjoyment of and a commitment to learning as a means of encouraging the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all our pupils. One of the areas we focus on is to build on our pupils' strengths, interests and experiences and to develop our children's confidence to learn and work effectively. We use Building Learning Power (BLP) which encourages children to become better at learning and helps them to develop as learners.

At Moat House, we are committed to ensuring that our children learn the basic skills of reading and writing as quickly as possible. We recognise that without these skills our children will be unable to access other areas of the curriculum.

One of our key priorities is to develop our children’s reading skills and we use “Read, Write Inc” a phonic programme to help our pupils gain confidence in learning to read.  We are pleased with the impact the this scheme has had and the results have been really positive. This is a phonics based programme, which teaches children their sounds, as well as then using these sounds to learn how to read and spell words. As the children progress with their reading, they work through a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, which get more difficult, as the children grow in confidence with their reading.

When the children begin school, in Reception, they start at the beginning of the programme so that they learn all of the sounds. In other year groups, the children are assessed at the beginning of the year so that they can be grouped according to the sounds that they know. The children are then placed into a group with children who are a similar ability and they are taught the programme with a fully trained member of staff. At regular intervals, the children are assessed and groups are altered to cater for children, who have made accelerated progress or children who have not made as much progress.

Once the children have been assessed as being proficient readers, they join a Literacy group where we are confident that they will be able to fully access the curriculum and their reading will not hold them back.

The programme has proved to be very successful with most children making good progress. The children speak very highly of Read Write Inc and we have had lots of positive responses from parents as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about Read Write Inc, please speak to Miss Collins (Read Write Inc Manager) who will be able to help you with these queries.

Our curriculum concentrates on English, Mathematics and Science as we feel it is essential that all our pupils have the basic skills to succeed as they move through the school.  The children also engage in a number of topics throughout the year and this helps the curriculum become more “real” to the children.  We introduce each topic with a “WOW” day which may include the pupils going on a school visit, e.g. Warwick Castle, Coombe Abbey, Cadbury World or we invite “specialists” in that topic to come and talk to the children.  The comments from our pupils is that they really enjoy the topic work and look forward to the activities and tasks.  On completion of the projects classes often present a class assembly to parents displaying some of the work they have produced.  These assemblies are very well attended by our parents who appreciate all their children’s efforts and hard work.

A very important part of the curriculum is the PSHE pastoral support which develops the principles for distinguishing between right and wrong and an understanding, respect and appreciation of different cultures, religions and beliefs.  We believe that the Moat House values of working together, tolerance and respect are essential qualities for life.  Our children have certainly shown these qualities as they move through the school. We also promote British Values: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; and, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

An area we have tried to foster over the last few years has been the partnership we have with our parents.  Our school logo is “working together” and with home and school working together it can only help the academic progress of all our pupils. 


Can you please support your children by checking that they complete and submit any homework that they have on time. They will often practise skills that they have been taught in class or do research for topic based work and it is an important part of their learning. Children will also have spellings and times tables to learn as well as reading (daily if possible) to an adult. The more opportunities they get to practise reading; the better they get.