Curriculum news


Times tables competition:   

 On Thursday 8th June, a very excited but nervous team took part in the inter schools times tables competition at Potters Green. Rukiya and Thomas represented lower KS2 and Adam and Oliver represented upper KS2. Both teams took on children from two other schools. Although we didn't win either of the trophies, all of the children performed really well and only got questions wrong when they involved thousands (eg 3600 divided by 60) or decimals (eg 0.8 x 0.5). Tricky questions! I was really proud of all of them. Adam said, “I was robbed! I got 4500/50 =90 but they said it was 9.”

Google Expedition:

On Tuesday 2nd May, the children from Years 1 – 6 enjoyed a fantastic Google Expedition, which consisted of children being able to experience a virtual reality trip. The children had an amazing time “visiting” places around the world and some even enjoyed an out of this world adventure in space!


I am sometimes asked what’s the most important skill we teach at school and always reply that reading is. When children can read they have access to endless information in books and online and they can then find out things for themselves, whether it’s how to solve a maths problem or who the wives of Henry VIII were. To help develop children’s reading, Mrs Moran recently made some book marks which have suggestions about the sorts of things to ask children when they read with you at home. These help to develop children’s understanding of what they have read. Can you please discuss these with your child. Many of our children are fluent readers but they still need the opportunity to read with an adult and discuss what they have read so they can find out the meanings of any words that they don’t understand. I heard some of our older children read recently and had to explain what a few words meant so they could understand the passage, even though they read them perfectly. They then responded with, “That makes sense,” and, “Now I understand!”

School Nurse Provision: 

We have been notified that if parents wish to contact a school nurse to discuss any health concerns they may have about their children they can contact the service Parent Line and this can be reached by calling 01926 626 590 between 5 pm and 8 pm Monday to Friday. A new health focussed website has also been launched as follows: offers a fun way for children to learn about health with games, activities and quizzes.

St. Chad’s News:          

On Thursday 9th Feb from 6 – 7:30 pm, St Chad’s are holding a Family Games Night with Bring and Share Supper. This will be held in St Chad’s Church Hall on Hillmorton Road. There will be board games, video games, pool, air hockey, table football and more. This is a free event for the family - just bring some food to share.

Bell Green Library News:          

On Thursday 23rd February, Bell Green Library is holding a Fun Day from 10 am until 4 pm. Activities and events planned for the day include Cook and Eat Well, health advice, the Dogs’ Trust, magic, craft and more. Adults and children are all very welcome.


Recent assessments have shown us that reading is still a key priority for children at Moat House. We have put in a number of actions to improve this key area.


We have recently purchased even more reading scheme resources, which we hope will motivate and enthuse our children to read at home. They are from a range called “Project X,” which we hope are especially motivating for boys, as this is an area in which we need to develop. Look out for these exciting new books in your child’s book bag and please help by listening to your child read at home and making a note of this in his/her reading diary.

For Key Stage 2:

We have recently purchased some reading comprehension resources which provide the children with texts to read and questions to answer about the texts. There are texts for every level of reader so the children can work with texts that are appropriate for their own reading ability. The children can also work independently to access these resources, which was an area highlighted in our Ofsted report.

For Key Stage 1:

We have recently purchased some story headphones where children can listen to stories and follow the text, while they are listening.