Headteacher Awards:

Headteacher awards are rewarded to children who complete a particularly good piece of work or display especially positive behaviour. Childen receive a special sticker, are congratulated in our weekly newsletter and a text message is sent home so that parents/carers are notified.

Headteacher Awards for week ending Friday 10th Jan 2020:

Congratulations to Laila (YR), Natan S, Glamour (Y1) and AJ (Y2), who have all received Headteacher Awards last week.

Golden Tickets: 

Children who behave well at lunchtime can get rewarded with a Golden Ticket. Each year group has their own Golden Box and the tickets are placed in here when they are received. During assembly on a Friday, two names are pulled out of each Golden Box and these children are invited to sit at the 'Top Table' everyday for the following week. The Top Table is specially laid out before the children arrive and they can enjoy being served their food and drinks by an adult - it's just like being at a fancy restaurant!

The children who were rewarded with Golden Tickets last week and have been selected to sit at the ‘Top Table’ for the week beginning Monday 13th Jan 2020 are as follows:

Year Group


Year Group





Aquila and Samrah


Nadia and Vera


Harry and Nail


Daniel and Hope


Lacey-Mai and Lexi


Patryk and Lamin



Teacher Awards:

Children are rewarded with Teacher Awards for demonstrating good work or behaviour. Children collect their Teacher Awards and prizes are awarded in a special assembly which is held every fortnight on a Wednesday. The prizes are as follows:  
Teacher Award Prize
10 Pencil
30 Felt Pens
50 Book (chosen by child)
70 Pencil Case
90 Metallic Pens
110 £5.00 gift voucher

£10.00 gift voucher

These Children received rewards for collecting teacher awards on:
Week commencing 9th Dec 2019.
Teacher Award Children

Nickolas, Caitlyn, Nathaneil, Kuba, Ryan, Abraham, Kaydon, Joshua, Afonso, Calli


Lola, Mason, Maicey, Riley, Ashanti, Bianca, Aaliyah, Zach, Makayla, Streen, Afonso, Marta, Marianna, Khris, Betty, Evey

30 Rafael, Abdi, Lilly, Demi, Laura, RileyAlex, Ella, Kailun, Joshua R, Oskar, Meadow, Miruna, Lily, Crystal, Amy. Imraan, Arlie-Rose, Danielle Lewis, Angel, Ekaterina, Dasha, Molly-May, Vasni, Naila, Kiera, Keya, Hannah, Meagan, Mishal, Lacey, Sajad, Abdul, Adrianna, Hashim
40 Elizabeth, Maria, Lastonie, Fateveer, Reegan, Shakir, Makai, Arsema, Danielle
50 Kaden, Junior, Pa-Musa, Nikita, Ruvarashe, Oliwier, Regan, Riyam, Riziki, Nasreen
60 Amiya, Nokutenda, Oliwier, Regan
70 Harry

Well Done Certificates:

Every fortnight, teachers or teaching assistants reward two children from their class who they feel have put in extra special effort for their work or behaviour. These children are rewarded with a certificate and a badge during a fortnightly whole school assembly, on a Wednesday.
These Children recieved well done Certificates, on Wednesday 17th July 2019.
Year: Children
2. Maximas, Angel, Jakub
3. Kara-Mai, Prithika
5. Justin
6. Tedi, Maxine, Nicolae