School Uniform

 Moat House Primary School Uniform:

All year groups (apart from year 6):



  • royal blue sweatshirt, preferably with the Moat House logo
  • white or sky blue shirt or polo shirt
  • black or grey trousers (or shorts when the weather is warmer)
  • black shoes.
  • royal blue sweatshirt, preferably with the Moat House logo or royal blue cardigan
  • white or sky blue shirt or polo shirt
  • black or grey trousers, skirt or pinafore. (Blue gingham summer dresses may be worn when the weather is warmer).
  • low heeled black shoes.

Year 6: As above but black sweatshirt, preferably with the Moat House logo.

PE requirements:



  • White t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls
  • White t-shirt
  • Navy or black tracksuit bottoms and hooded top
  • Trainers


  • Make up is not permitted
  • Apart from stud earings, jewellery should not be worn
  • Long hair should be tied back

School Uniform:  

May I please remind you to send your children to school in the correct uniform. Children often feel like they stand out and look different from their peers if they are wearing clothes that do not follow the school policy.  This can cause unnecessary upset and arguments. Thank you.


As the term draws to a close, can I please remind you to continue to send your children to school in correct uniform. This includes school shoes. There have been a few children recently who have had a selection of brightly coloured shoes or trainers which are not appropriate for school. I am, however, aware that shoes and clothes might be getting a bit tight at this time of the year and that you'll be planning to buy new, bigger ones for the Autumn Term. It seems odd to be mentioning this on a non-uniform day but it can cause arguments between children if they are not correctly turned out (and also between children and their parents). If your child tells you that they are allowed to wear 'sparkly pink trainers' or jeans for the last few weeks of term then they are not telling the truth!

Winter Uniform:        

Thank you to everyone who send their children in correct uniform. I have had to speak to a few children recently about the trousers or shoes that they are wearing. Can you please make sure that they have proper 'school' trousers and black shoes. As the winter is approaching their shoes will need to be suitable for the cold, wet weather which we'll no doubt have over the next few months. They will also need to have a winter coat for playtimes and lunchtimes (as well as to keep them dry and warm on their way to and from school).