Themed Weeks

Anti-Bullying Week:        

In the week beginning 11th November, Moat House children took part in “anti-bullying week.” In classes, they discussed the meaning of bullying, they thought about how they can recognise this and know what to do if they feel they are being bullied. Children took part in a range of activities, including circle time for discussions and role play to practise dealing with real life situations in an appropriate way.

Science Week:    

In the week beginning 11th March,, we recognised British Science Week. Throughout the school, classes carried out fun investigations, such as: making parachutes out of different materials, constructing an erupting volcano and making slime. Each class also carried out research around a famous person in the field of science, technology, engineering or maths. All of the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed carrying out their experiments and look forward to continuing to develop their investigative skills in their science lessons this year! 

Cool to be Kind Week:       

Friday 18th January was the last day of Cool to be Kind week which was a great success. Children were even kinder and more helpful than usual and achieved stickers for their actions. Well done everyone!

Walk to School Week:      

In the week beginning 21st May, many of our children took part in Walk to School Week and as a result of this have earnt stickers, which will be converted to house points for their team. They have also been rewarded with a packet of sunflower seeds for taking part in the challenge. Thank you for supporting us in Walk to School week and we hope that you and your children have enjoyed the many benefits of a daily walk.