Year 5 and 6 News

Year 6 Parents:       

Please remember that the deadline for applying for a secondary school place is fast approaching. You must apply by Wednesday 31st October.

Year 5 trip to Ironbridge:  

On Tuesday 18th September, Year 5 visited Blists Hill Victorian town near Ironbridge. The children enjoyed experiencing life in a Victorian school where they dressed up in costumes. Girls had to wear dresses and pinafores and boys wore cravats, flat caps and blazers. They were shocked to discover that children were to be 'seen and not heard', so they had to be silent throughout all lessons, sit up straight and bow or curtsy when they were asked to speak. They also walked around the Victorian town where they visited the grocers, bakers, candlestick makers and more. In the photographer's they were amazed that people had to sit perfectly still for at least thirty seconds otherwise the photo would be blurry! Their favourite places were the fairground and the sweet shop. Using Victorian coins (shillings, farthings, ha'pennies etc) was very confusing but they managed it with some help from the shop keepers! 

5SR’s Assembly:  

On Friday 14th September, 5SR performed a really informative assembly about Roald Dahl, on what would have been his 102nd birthday. They shared some of their favourite books and characters as well as information about Roald Dahl's life and his thoughts about writing. There was also a guest appearance by one of his scarier characters - Miss Trunchbull!

Early Birds:

A massive congratulations to 5SR who won our Early Bird Week competition in the week ending Friday 14th September. They won because out of the whole week, EVERY child was in before 9:00am. A fantastic achievement and they will be enjoying their tasty treats soon. A massive thank you to everyone who took part and hopefully the good work of coming into school early can carry on.


Year 6 Performance:    

On Wednesday 25th July, our Year 6s performed a stunning end of year performance called the Rocky Monster Show. Every child put in an outstanding effort and parents and carers were impressed with the children’s acting, singing and dancing. The scenery and costumes were of an equal high standard and alongside such brilliant acting, it was very difficult to recognise some of the children!    

Year 6 Leavers’ Party:  

On Monday 23rd July, the Year 6 children enjoyed a Masquerade Ball to celebrate their final year at Moat House. All of the children looked amazing and we were very impressed with the effort they all put into their outfits and their masks - some of the children even made their own masks! They danced the night away and enjoyed some delicious food; there were also some tears as we shared a toast to their success throughout their Moat House Primary School journey.  

Year 5 STEM Day:          

On Monday 25th June, half of Year 5 visited Grace Academy for a STEM event (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The children took part in a range of activities, including maths cup engineering, food Pictionary and making bird boxes. They were especially excited about taking part in a forensic science activity, where they had to figure out who had killed Santa! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it opened their eyes into things they could do in the future.

Year 6 Music:    

On Friday 22nd June, twenty super talented Year 6 musicians went to the Albany Theatre to take part in a celebration of music tuition in Coventry Schools. Our musicians had the challenging task of opening the show but they did Moat House proud with their fantastic performance, using the brass instruments that they have been learning to play. They have worked very hard this year and it really showed. Well done all! 

Year 6 Bowling Trip:        

On Friday 15th June, Year 6 children were rewarded with a trip to MFA Bowl as a treat for their hard work leading up to SATs. The children all had a brilliant day and many even managed to get a strike - Eidlis got two in a row! Nathaniel, Logan and Cieran were particularly good and scored well into the 100s, while Olesja, who had never played before, also managed to score highly! All children were perfectly behaved and represented Moat House well, with many members of the public commenting on how brilliant their behaviour was. 

5SG’s Class Assembly:     

5SG performed their class assembly on Friday 15th June, which had a very topical World Cup theme. We were given facts about the countries involved and we were even treated to a rendition of Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)! Well done to 5SG for speaking so loudly and clearly!

Year 5 Debating Competition:        

On Thursday 14th June, three of our Year 5 children (Charlotte, Brielle and Daniel) took part in a debating competition at Wyken Croft Primary School. The children were up against strong competition and had to speak about the benefits of shopping in a supermarket compared to the high street. The children spoke with knowledge and confidence about this issue and were a credit to Moat House.

Year 5 Rounders Tournament:

Twelve of our Year 5 children went to Henley Green Primary School, on Thursday 14th June, to take part in a Rounders tournament against five other schools. All of the children made an outstanding effort and enjoyed developing their batting and fielding skills. Although they did not win on this occasion, they represented Moat House extremely well.

Hordain Football Tournament:

Once again, the Moat House team played really well against European opposition over the weekend of May 19th. We played teams from France, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria on the first day. We played well but, despite several chances, we didn’t manage to get on the score sheet. On the second day the boys played even better and won two of their three matches. We played against the Hordain second team (we won 3 – 1), the Hordain first team (they won 4 – 1) and finished off by playing Southfields, who we shared a coach with. We beat them 2 – 1. Our top scorer was Jessy with 4 goals. Nathaniel and Tyreece scored one goal each. The boys had a great weekend and their host families spoke very highly of them.

5ST’s Class Assembly:

5ST gave us a really informative assembly on Friday 11th May. Not only did they teach us facts about the planets in our solar system, they also taught us a rhyme so we can remember their order from the sun. They then went on to explain why we have day and night and how the seasons change depending on which part of the planet tilts closest to the sun. Their rap song about the planets was great. I don't know how they managed to fit in all the words!

Year 6 trip to Cadbury World:       

On Thursday 29th March, the Year 6 children started Easter early with a trip to Cadbury World. The day started with an interesting talk about the Mayans and their chocolate production. We even learnt about their very own sport, which was just like football! After this, we explored the chocolate factory, where we learnt how chocolate is made, sampled many varieties of chocolate and even wrote our names with melted chocolate. Everybody had a wonderful time and it was great for Year 6 children to relax after all of their hard work during the Spring term.  

Brilliant Club:     

On Thursday 29th March, some of our Year 5 children (Aaron, Charlotte, Rukiya, Nevaeh and Abubakr) enjoyed a trip to Nottingham University. The children commented as follows: “Our trip to Nottingham University was delightful. We met our tutors and had a tour of the campus. We had to fill in question sheets and I mostly put high numbers and the high numbers are good!” We hope that the trip has inspired our Year 5 children to work hard to complete their course work, so that they can hopefully graduate in September.

6NL’s Class Assembly:      

6NL performed a fantastic assembly on Friday 23rd March that covered many different areas and was full of information. To begin with, the children taught the rest of the school about South America, in particular, the history of the ancient Mayas. We learnt they were responsible for introducing chocolate to the world! They then acted out a scene from the story they are reading in Literacy - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was some brilliant acting on display, as well as some great singing Oompa Loompas! Finally, 6NL reminded us that today is Sport Relief and ended with a serious message of how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves

Year 5 Visit:      

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 5 went to Safeside in Birmingham. The children learnt some very important information about keeping safe in different urban environments, including how to cross the road safely and who can help in difficult outdoor situations. Chelsea commented: “the trip was fabulous and taught us how to stay safe.”

6CB’s Class Assembly:    

We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about what happens in Magistrates Courts on Friday 9th March. 6CB acted out a case and demonstrated how magistrates reach their decisions. In a complete change of direction, they then sang a medley of songs from the 1980s which ranged from Madonna to Van Halen. Some great stuff!

Music Week:

On Thursday 8th March, members of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire came to visit year 5 and 6. They are recruiting for an exciting new free creative music-making programme on Saturdays for young people aged 10-16. It will be held at Sydney Stringer from April and is free. The musicians performed and created music with the children and it was a brilliant hour. The children had fun and were very creative. This is an amazing opportunity for our children, so if you would like more information about how your child can be involved, please see Miss Grant.

Magistrates in Year 6:    

On Thursday, 1st March and Wednesday 7th March, Year 6 took part in a magistrates workshop, where they learnt all about how the court system works as well as the different punishments for different crimes. Once they’d learnt this, they took on the different roles of the relevant people in court and acted out a mock trial. All of the children were fascinated whilst hearing the evidence against the defendant and eventually decided he was guilty! The children thoroughly enjoyed their morning and were all brilliantly behaved. A special well done to Eidlis, Ti-Ann, James, Aathana, Ebalo, Maxine and Redir, whose performances in the mock trial were very impressive. 

Magistrates Workshop:                

On Thursday 1st March, 6CB took part in a magistrates workshop, where they learnt all about how the court system works as well as the different punishments for different crimes. Once they’d learnt this, they took on the different roles of the relevant people in court and acted out a mock trial. All of the children were fascinated whilst hearing the evidence against the defendant and eventually decided he was guilty! The children thoroughly enjoyed their morning and were all brilliantly behaved. A special well done to Eidlis, Ti-Ann and James, whose performances in the mock trial were very impressive. 

5SG’s Class Assembly: 

5SG produced a really informative assembly about the USA on Friday 2nd February. They taught us about how it became independent in 1776, how it got its flag and about the national anthem, which is based on a war poem. They also shared some interesting facts and figures about donuts, McDonalds, Bart Simpson, Elvis Presley and Disneyland!

Year 6 at Dol y Moch:  

On Wednesday 31st January, 29 children from Year 6 returned from their residential trip to Dol y Moch in Snowdonia. Whilst they were there, they navigated, climbed, walked, kayaked, mountain biked, learned to make their own beds and even made their own sandwiches. It was a great experience and they were a credit to the school. A big thank you from them (and from me) to Miss Bird, Mrs Dolden and Miss Tuckey who accompanied them from Saturday 27th January until Wednesday 31st January.

Times Tables Championship:     

The Year 5/6 competition, on Thursday 25th January, was a thrilling affair and the questions got really difficult towards the end. Congratulations to Ralph, who was the individual champion, Eidlis, who came second and Nevaeh, who was third. In the team competition Mowlam were first, Moorcroft were second, Godiva were third and Herbert were fourth. If you can answer 0.72 ÷ 9 or 0.06 x 70 then maybe you'll get in to the teams for the Summer competition!

Football Match:   

On Tuesday 23rd January, the school football team excitedly travelled to St. Laurence’s Primary School to take part in a Harry Shaw cup match. The team made a positive start by scoring the first goal of the match but the opposition managed to sneak a goal in just before half time to make it 1:1. After the half time break, St. Laurence’s proved to be the stronger team and gained the win, meaning that Moat House have unfortunately not progressed. The Moat House team put in maximum effort and man of the match was awarded to Kian for his all-round enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Year 6 Athletics: 

On Wednesday 17th January, 24 Year 6 children attended the final of the Multi-Sports competition at the Alan Higgs Centre. After winning the heats comfortably, our children were hopeful that they could once again be victorious and win the cup. Although the children worked very hard and managed to win many events, they ended the morning in fourth place. The children all behaved fantastically and were great representatives for Moat House. One child in particular showed great sportsmanship by personally congratulating and shaking hands with the winning team, well done Ebalo.  

Year 6 Rowing Competition:           

On Tuesday 16th January, seven Year 6 children (Nikita, Evie-Leigh, Elle, Lilly, Adam, Nathaniel and Maxine) took part in a rowing competition at the Alan Higgs Centre. Their heat was the toughest and closest out of all of the rowing heats across the city. They competed against Pearl Hyde, Stoke Heath, Whitley and St. Bart's. Children had to row for ninety seconds individually and then complete a rowing relay, afterwards. The scores were added together to give the total metres rowed. The girls’ team rowed 1857m and the boys’ team rowed 2018m. The competition was close because only 3m separated the boys from a top spot! In the end, both teams came fourth in their heats. Our children were commended for their technique and teamwork throughout the afternoon. Well done! 

KS2 concert:  

Our Key Stage 2 children have been busy practising some festive songs and carols, which led to two end of term performances. On Tuesday 19th December, they performed at St Chad’s Church to the volunteers who help out there and on Wednesday 20th December, they performed to a busy hall of parents, carers and friends. The children did Moat House proud and a special mention must go to the Year 6 children who showed some amazing musical talent with their skill at using the brass instruments, which they have been learning throughout this term.

6CB’s Class Assembly: 

6CB produced a bright and colourful assembly on the theme of the Ancient Egyptians on Friday 1st December. They shared lots of interesting facts about them and then focused on Tutankhamun in particular. We learned that he became pharaoh at the age of 9 and then died when he was 18. The children then showed us how he was mummified - in far too much detail! 

5ST’s Assembly:

On Friday 17th November, 5ST produced a 'wonderful' assembly based on the book 'Wonder' which fitted in perfectly with anti-bullying week. We learned all about the main character, Auggie, and how he struggles to fit in because he looks different to everyone else at school. We also learned about his message: choose kind; and how some of the children are kind to him and look out for him. The class got a well-deserved ovation at the end of the assembly.

Fantastic Footballers:

On Thursday 16th November, the football team took part in another league game that earnt them three points. An away game at Henley Green was the scene for another brilliant result. Moat House started well and took the lead through a snap shot from Nathaniel, who was bossing the midfield in his new role. The game was very even and Henley Green drew level through an own goal. Half time 1-1. The second half started well for Moat House with lots of possession and they got their rewards with goals by Nathan and Adil. Henley Green sneaked a goal in injury time but Moat House hung on for a well-deserved victory. The final score was 2:3 and Man of the Match was awarded to Nathaniel.

Year 6 Multi Sports:

After weeks of hard work and training, Year 6 took part in a Multi-Sports competition against four other schools, on Friday 10th November. The children took part in many different athletic events, including relays, throwing and jumping events. All of the children performed brilliantly and most even won their event! This resulted in Moat House winning the competition and qualifying for the final, which will take place in January. We were all ecstatic with the result and the children enjoyed wearing their gold medals home. Well done to Year 6 for their phenomenal performance and good luck for the final! 

Imagineer Trip:

On Tuesday 26th September, Eidlis, Patrick, Olesja and Kellies (from Year 6) spent the afternoon at the Imagineer Festival, where they had the opportunity to perform a pitch to ten judges. This pitch was to convince the judges to build their design for a Marvellous, Moving, Mechanical Machine, which tells a story of part of Coventry's history - The City Wall. Although they were up against stiff competition, the children's pitch won and they will now move forward with a team of designers, engineers and artists to build their machine as part of an arts trail at Charter House! Well done to all four children, they were amazing and did Moat House proud. 

Brilliant Graduation: 

On Monday 25th September, four children from Year 6 went to Oxford University, Keble College, to graduate from their 'Brilliant Club'. The day included lunch in the dining hall, a tour of Keble College and a final graduation ceremony. The Brilliant Club is a programme, which is aimed at gifted and talented children, to raise their expectations and give them a taste of university life.  They had to study a six week programme on 'Fairness', with homework and a final essay of 2000 words.  The children passed with flying colours and Moat House is very proud of them. All the children enjoyed the day and hopefully this will not be the last graduation these children attend as they go through their education.  Set the challenge and our children can succeed!

5SG Class Assembly: 

On Friday 22nd September, 5SG gave us lots of information about World War 2 and told us about how Britain managed to defend itself during The Battle of Britain, rationing and about how families used to have to take shelter in air raid shelters at night to keep safe from bombs that were dropped. They also told us about children being evacuated to safer parts of the country from larger towns and cities. I was astonished to hear that 38,000 children never got to see their parents again! It was a really informative assembly. Well done 5SG.

Brilliant Club:

On Monday 11th September, some of our Year 6 children (Eidlis, Oliver, Maxine and Jessica) were delighted to gain the news that they had all passed a university project that they have been working extremely hard on recently. The children had to complete a 2000 word assignment on the topic of ‘fairness’ and they all achieved at least a 2:2 grade for their efforts.

Applications for Secondary School:  

Parents of children born between 1st September 2006 and 31st August 2007 (current Year 6 children) should now be considering where they would like their children to attend secondary school. Applications need to be made online by 31st October at A leaflet explaining the process in more detail has been given out to our Year 6 children.


5CB Assembly:        

On Friday 7th July, 5CB presented an extraordinary array of incredible designs and inventions, which they have made during their Imagineerium project and a scientist and expert from the project joined us for the assembly. They were all based on events from Coventry's history and made reference to clock making, the fall of the Coventry city wall, the invention of the safety bicycle and the battle of Gosford Green (which I had previously never heard of). I was immensely proud of all of the children who participated.

Imagineers in 5CB:     

5CB's Marvellous Mechanical Machine designs are finally coming together. Their third session (on Wednesday 21st June) involved looking at the mechanics of existing machines, to see which would work well in their own machines. The final session will involve finalising the children’s designs before they visit the Imagineers to share their amazing ideas! 

Brilliant Club:

On Monday 19th June, five children from Year 5 (Jessica, Oliver, Maxine, Aboubakar and Eidlis) travelled to Nottingham to visit the University there, in order to inspire them about life at a university. The children were fascinated by the lecture hall and worked in a tutor group, which was led by a lecturer (Kat Hall) alongside local schools: Potters Green, St Christopher’s and Gosford Park. The children are working on a project about fairness and its different definitions. They have been given an assignment to complete before their next session. Maxine and Jessica said “it was interesting to learn that PhD tutors are called Doctors of Philosophy.”

Give it the heading Year 5 Brilliant Club:

Some of our Year 5 children have been lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Brilliant Club. The children have  attended Nottingham University to enable them to get a flavour of University life and they are currently completing a project, which will be assessed by a real University lecturer!


On Wednesday 7th June, 5CB were visited by three Imagineers, who helped them to start designing some Marvellous, Mechanical, Moving Machines! The children had to consider how their machines would come to life in order to tell a story from Coventry's history. All of the children had a fantastic time! 

Year 6 Big School:   

On Wednesday 7th June, Year 6 visited Potters Green School to watch a production by the Belgrade Theatre. The production, called 'Big School', looked at the transition between primary school and secondary school. They heard the story of two children, Mo and Ash, who were getting ready to leave Year 6. They then thought about the things that may change when reaching secondary school. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the production and found it extremely helpful in preparing them for secondary school next year!

Year 5 Trip to Charter House:      

On Wednesday 24th May, 5CB visited Charter House as part of their Imagineerium Project. The children were fascinated during a tour of the old house and even had the opportunity to explore the grounds. The children learnt five different stories about the history of Coventry and used their bodies to re-enact different parts of these stories.

Year 5 Trip to Jodrell Bank:

On Monday 22nd May, Year 5 went to Jodrell Bank Space Discovery Centre, as part of their Creative Curriculum topic of Space. The children found out about radio astronomy and they also investigated gravity. “It was fantastic – I really enjoyed the planetarium as I could see the planets and the stars,” commented Nikita.

5CB at Imagineerium:        

On Monday 15th May, 5CB visited the Imagineerium to kick start an exciting project. The children took part in many workshops, including using their bodies to explore movement and forces, experiencing how levers and pulleys operate. They even had a chance to operate a 20ft puppet of Lady Godiva! During the afternoon, the children created their own Rube Goldberg machines, which incorporated dominoes, tubes and other exciting materials, to make balls move across a table in inventive ways. All of the children were fascinated by the activities and their behaviour was exemplary. We are all very excited to see where this project takes us! 

Year 6 SATs:

Congratulations to Year 6 on completing their SAT tests in the week ending 12th May. Everyone rose to the challenge and tried very hard. All of the staff are incredibly proud of their efforts and we hope they have a restful weekend as they thoroughly deserve it! Year 6 have lots to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks but there is still a lot of hard work to do before the end of the year. We know that they will continue to stay focussed through to the end of their time at Moat House.

Cross Country:           

On Saturday 1st April, five of our keen cross country runners took part in a championship race at Bablake playing fields. The children (Nafisa, Alisha, Nafhat, Divine and Ya-Awa) all did a fantastic job of representing Moat House and they all completed their race. A special mention must go to Nafisa who was keen to get up early and take part in the race, even though it was her birthday!

Year 6’s Assembly:     

Year 6 gave us a really informative assembly on Friday 24th March, which finished off with the Comic Relief School song. We spend a lot of time discussing British Values with our children and it was fascinating to hear how Year 6 had learned about Magistrates court and carried out a mock trial to understand the process and roles of the different people involved. On a lighter note, they shared some of the learning that they did when they had a Maya day (including the fact that the chocolate they tasted was revolting). They also explained some of the reasons that Red Nose Day exists and showed a video to support this.


Thirty children and four adults from Moat House spent a few days in Snowdonia from Tuesday 14th March until Saturday 18th. An amazing time was had by all! We were split into three groups and over the stay, every group completed the same activities: kayaking, orienteering and independent walk, beach scramble, mountain biking, a day on the mountain (including exploring old slate mines) and a trip to the world famous Cadwaladers ice cream parlour in Criccieth. During the trip, all of the children had opportunities to try new things and they were admirable in overcoming fears and challenges - which is what outdoor education is all about! We had a mixture of sunshine, showers and murky grey mist but the Dol-y-Moch kit meant that the weather really didn't matter. 

5CB’s Class Assembly:  

5CB performed a really interesting assembly on Friday 10th March about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and how they helped promote equal rights in America. They also shared some marvellous art work which they had made. They then finished off with a song.

Parents’ Meeting for Year 6 SATs:  

We would just like to say 'Thank you' to those Year 6 parents who attended the Key Stage 2 SATs Parents' Meeting on Thursday 9th March. We looked briefly at the format of the SATs tests, which will take place throughout May. Parents were shown some of the SATs materials, and given some information about how they can support their children.

Mayan Day:    

On Wednesday 8th March, Year 6 took part in a Mayan day. The children began their morning by learning Mayan numbers. Following this, they looked at some ancient artefacts and described them using adjectives. Soon after, they created a play about what the Mayans did; this included games, food and sacrifices. All of the children were excited to try some chocolate but they were surprised to find that it wasn’t like the chocolate they are used to! At the end of the day, the children took part in a quiz to discover what they had learnt about the Mayans. The children all had a fabulous time!

Magistrates in Year 6: 

On Monday 6th March, two magistrates came in from the Coventry Magistrates Court to run a workshop with Year 6. They learnt some interesting facts and got a chance to take part in a mock trial. They all played the role of people in the court, such as witnesses, prosecutors, legal advisers and ushers. They also learnt about the law and how to keep safe. 

5SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 27th January, 5SG performed a very topical assembly which was all about the USA which has been in the news a lot recently. We learned all about the 50 states, their nicknames and their populations. They finished off by singing the Star Spangled Banner, the American national anthem.

Key Stage 2 Showcase:

On Friday 16th December, our Key Stage 2 children performed a collection of Christmas songs ranging from the traditional to the more modern. Each class shared their own individual showcase, which they performed enthusiastically. With our children wearing their Christmas jumpers and festive hats, they certainly ended the term on a high note!

Year 6 Biathlon:                       

On Wednesday 14th December, seven Year 6 children took part in a biathlon at the AT7 Centre, where they competed against other Coventry schools. The children had to swim a length of the pool and then run 400 metres. They are currently waiting to find out if they are through to the next stage of the competition. Well done to Bradley, Andre, Jay-Jay, Ya-Awa, Fatma, Ciera and Leah who were all excellent participants.

Cross Country: 

We would like to say a huge well done to our Year 5 and 6 cross country runners, who were up bright and early on Saturday 10th December ready to take part in a race at Bablake Playing Fields. Oliver, Nikita, Nathaniel, Ebalo, Muhammed and Carl all completed the race, which was approximately one and a quarter miles across muddy fields. Their behaviour was excellent and they were fantastic representatives for Moat House. 

6JK’s Class Assembly:            

On Friday 9th December, 6JK’s assembly proved to be an extravaganza of music and history. They began by telling the children all about their Creative Curriculum lessons where they learned about Egyptians. The children told us all about the Gods, jobs and responsibilities of the ancient Egyptians. There was a link to the Literacy lessons too. The assembly ended with the children showing how they are learning brass instruments in school. Moat House is one of only three in the city where the children are learning to play baritones and cornets. 6JK gave a performance of Mamma Mia to end the assembly. Well done everyone.

Year 5 trip:    

On Monday 5th December, Year 5 enjoyed a very interesting and informative trip at Holdenby House. They have recently been learning about World War 2 and the trip taught them even more about aspects of the war, including the Blitz and evacuees. The children were shown different gas masks, including ones for babies as well as adults and they were shocked to discover how little food a family were allowed over a week, due to rationing. The children behaved brilliantly and were a credit to Moat House.

Wind Turbine Challenge: 

On Wednesday 23rd November, Year 5 and 6 were visited by students from Warwick University, who taught them about renewable energy. They learnt that energy can be retrieved if you use solar panels, the waves in the water, the gas in the ground and natural waste. Following this, they were given a challenge to design and make their very own wind turbine. At the end of the afternoon, the groups presented and tested their designs. 

Year 6 Athletics Event:  

On Tuesday 8th November, some of our Year 6 children went to the Alan Higgs Centre to take part in the Sports Hall athletics competition. They competed against three other schools and took part in many events including an obstacle course, standing long jump, chest push and racing. Overall Moat House actually came second and were only four points away from winning – what a fantastic achievement! The children commented that it was great fun participating in the whole event.

5CB’s Class Assembly:       

On Friday 11th November, 5CB produced a fantastic assembly and shared their learning all about World War 2. They showed us a timeline of events, poppies that they had created, as well as photographs of them tasting bread and butter pudding. They ended their assembly with a very poignant song about evacuees missing their homes and families. Thank you to 5CB.  

Year 5 Visit to Grace Academy:     

On Wednesday 19th October, all Year 5 children attended a sports competition at Grace Academy. This involved children competing against other schools in three different sports; football, netball and tag rugby. All children tried very hard in all of their matches, which resulted in them finishing in second place! Congratulations to Year 5. The children behaved exceptionally well and represented Moat House brilliantly.

Competition Winner: 

We would like to say a huge well done to Nayrat Saeed for winning the Speed Awareness Competition for Moat House. She has been invited to a special presentation on Thursday 13th October at the Lord Mayor’s Suite so we are all very excited to find out about her morning in the presence of important people, including the Police Chief Inspector for Coventry.

6SH’s Class Assembly:       

On Friday 23rd September, 6SH performed a really interesting assembly all about the Ancient Egyptians. We learned about hieroglyphics (their type of writing) and about Tutankhamun. We also found out that they invented toothpaste!

Year 6 Prom:

For our Year 6 children, the evening of Wednesday 13th July was the event of the year! Our children arrived in spectacular style to the Moat House Prom. It was fantastic! The children walked along the ‘red carpet,’ were served sparkling lemonade and had their photographs taken, by the ‘paparazzi!’ The children and staff all voted to choose a prom king and queen – the lucky winners were Marley and Jorde. A fabulous night was had by all of the Year 6 children, as well as the staff. We would like to say a huge thank you to the staff, who organised the event.

Year 5 Space Centre Trip:

Year 5, along with some Year 3s, 4s and 6s had a fun packed, educational day at the National Space Centre on Wednesday 13th July. The children designed Mars lander parachutes for their ‘eggonauts’ which were released from the roof of the Space Centre! The planetarium show also added a ‘wow’ factor to the day, showing the children what it is really like for astronauts in space. All of the children were impeccably behaved and were a true credit to Moat House.

Year 5 Residential:  

Year 5 had a brilliant time in Derbyshire from Wednesday 29th June until Friday 1st July. The highlight of the trip was the low ropes course at Conkers but the children really enjoyed all of the activities. They worked brilliantly as a team, looked out for each other and one lad even learned how to make a cup of tea! They were a credit to the school.

Superspell Competition (Year 6):      

On Tuesday 21st June, four of our Year 6 children took part in the annual Super Spell contest at Bell Green Library. The children (Leandro, Kamil, Grace and Moza) all put in lots of effort and came second, with only five points fewer than the winning team. Well done children!

Red Cross in Year 6:   

On 21st and 23rd June, our children from Year 6 had a visitor from the British Red Cross. On Tuesday 21st June, they participated in a first aid workshop where they learned the skills to help in a number of first aid emergencies. This included learning how to correctly treat a burn and cut, what to do if somebody has a head injury and the actions to take if somebody is unconscious.

On Thursday 23rd June, in a workshop looking at stigma against migration, they explored the definitions of an asylum seeker, refugee and migrant. They carefully considered the thoughts and feelings of people who may have had to leave their homes due to finding themselves in difficult situations. Thank you to John at the British Red Cross for making the sessions so informative and engaging!

Year 6 Big School:      

On Monday 20th June, Year 6 visited Potters Green School to watch a production by the Belgrade Theatre. The production, called 'Big School', looked at the transition between primary school and secondary school. They heard the story of two children, Mo and Ash, who were getting ready to leave Year 6. They then thought about the things that may change when reaching secondary school. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the production and found it extremely helpful in preparing them for secondary school next year!

Year 6 Trip to Drayton Manor:

Year 6 celebrated all of their hard work this year by enjoying a trip to Drayton Manor on Thursday 16th June. Despite worrying weather forecasts for rain and storms, they were able to avoid everything and enjoyed a great day in the theme park. Everyone enjoyed the rides and even the adults were tempted onto rides such as Stormforce 10 and Maelstrom. Congratulations to Year 6 and well done for a successful trip where - again - Moat House children did us proud.

5NL’s Class Assembly:  

On Friday 20th May, 5NL produced an informative class assembly. They have been learning a lot about Science, including habitats and life cycles so they shared some interesting facts and completed their assembly with an entertaining song. Well done 5NL!

Year 5 Hockey Tournament:      

On Wednesday 18th May, Miss Lynch took a team of nine Year 5s to the Alan Higgs Centre to compete in a Hockey tournament. After a tricky start, the team began to develop in confidence and displayed excellent communication skills. As a result of this, they progressed to the final match with the possibility of winning a shield. The children played incredibly well and were leading for the majority of the match, however unfortunately, the other team managed to score within the last thirty seconds, bringing the final score to 2-2. As time was short, the organisers decided both teams would be winners! The children showed fantastic sportsman ship and were impeccably behaved! A huge well done and congratulations goes to: Adam, Sienna, Leah, Fatma, Nelly, Connor, Devaughan, Muhammed and Aleksandra.

Year 6 SATs:

Congratulations to Year 6 on completing their SAT tests in the week beginning 9th May. Everyone rose to the challenge and tried very hard. All of the staff are incredibly proud of their efforts and we hope they have a restful weekend as they thoroughly deserve it! Year 6 have lots to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks but there is still a lot of hard work to do before the end of the year. We know that they will continue to stay focussed through to the end of their time at Moat House.

Year 5 visit to Grace Academy:

On Friday 29th April, Year 5 visited Grace Academy for a transition day based around the theme ‘Unlock your Potential’. Throughout the day they took part in a variety of exciting lessons. Some of the highlights were: playing cage football, human bops it with Chip K and carrying out Science investigations using Bunsen burners. The children also got the chance to take part in a business lesson where they learnt about logistics and teamwork. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed acquiring new skills and discovering their potential!

Year 6 Live Lesson:       

On Friday 18th March, some of our Year 6 children visited Birmingham Library to watch a BBC Live Lesson entitled 'Shakespeare: Unplugged'. The BBC, in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company, looked at scenes from various Shakespeare plays and focused on the characters and the language used. The show was presented by CBBC presenters Karim and Katie. Our children, along with children from three other schools, made up the live audience. They had to get involved by taking part in some drama, 

Year 6 Residential:       

On Wednesday 16th March, Year 6 returned from their trip to Plas Dol y Moch in North Wales. They took part in a range of outdoor activities, which included mine adventuring, abseiling, mountain climbing, kayaking, rock pooling and map reading (they had to make their own way back to the centre following a route on a map). We were really impressed by the team spirit, determination and independence that the children displayed. They were responsible for organising themselves, making their own sandwiches and looking after their rooms as well as taking part in all of the activities. In years to come, the children will no doubt be telling their children about the trip. I'm sure we've got some parents who also went there when they were younger, who have fond memories of their visit. Thanks to all of the staff who gave up their time to accompany the children on the trip.

Year 6 Debating Competition:           

Elias, Mya, Grace and Leandro did a magnificent job at representing Moat House in a debating competition at the Guildhall on Monday 8th February. They had to convince the panel that it would be a good idea to let children vote. The team spoke very confidently and put lots of valid points across.

Y6 Wow Day: 

On Tuesday 2nd February, Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic Wow day! A Mayan warrior came to Moat House and taught the children lots of things about the Mayans. They found out about the creation story and learnt how to count to ten in Mayan. The children also tried Mayan chocolate which consists of 85% cocoa – they were surprised to find that most of them did not like it. The children enjoyed the opportunity to look at various artefacts and even learnt some strange information, including the fact that Mayans would put precious jewels in their teeth to show how wealthy they were! The children also enjoyed some drama activities and ended the day with a fun quiz.

Year 5 Visit to Grace Academy:     

On Tuesday 26th January, Year 5 visited Grace Academy for a Science morning based on the topic of Forces.  There were a selection of activities on offer and they created experiments, as well as learnt about what happens when a volcano erupts! They made hovercrafts from CDs and balloons, paper airplanes to investigate air resistance and friction and they also watched a chemical reaction that replicated the effects of lava in volcanoes. William Worwood gets a special mention for creating the plane that travelled the furthest at 13.1 m. The children really enjoyed their secondary school experience!

Year 5 Trip to Botanical Gardens:

On Friday 15th January, Year 5 visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. They had a fantastic day learning about the history of the Botanical Gardens and exploring the different glasshouses. The highlight of their trip was the rain forest challenge as they became explorers! They worked together, using the clues they were given, to find the plants within the tropical and sub-tropical houses. They had a lot of fun and found out lots of interesting facts about rain forests.

Year 5 Trip to Herbert Art Gallery:

In the week beginning 23rd November, the Year 5 children experienced their WOW day at the Herbert Art Gallery and the Coventry Transport Museum, where they learned all about life in Coventry during World War 2, especially during the Blitz. The children were able to dress up as Air Raid Protection Wardens, fire brigade and army officers. They even put out a pretend factory fire with a stirrup pump and bucket and also visited the Coventry public air raid shelter, which was freezing! As well as that they explored the life of evacuees, which included them writing post cards home and adding important information on their evacuee transport label.  It was a fabulous experience, which showed just how much the children have learned about this subject, as well as how important the Blitz is, in Coventry's history.

Year 5 and 6 Quality and Respect Workshop:

In the week beginning 23rd November some of our Year 5 and 6 children were visited by staff from Time for You, to give them some valuable support in where and who they can turn to, if they need support with bullying and friendship issues at school or even difficult situations that they may come across at home. It was taught in a fun but sensitive way. The children learnt that they should treat each other how they themselves would wish to be treated and they were given useful information about who they could contact if they ever needed more help or support.

Warwick University Science Day (5HT):

On Wednesday 4th November, 5HT were lucky enough to experience a Science Day at the University of Warwick.  They saw the best Chemistry display EVER! There were explosions, chemicals that changed colours, ice that shattered rubber gloves and balloons, and even an experiment which turned hair bleach into a huge bag full of hot foam! After all that excitement, they went campus exploring, looking at the types of plants and wildlife the environment had to offer and because they were so good at it they were rewarded with treasure hunt prizes!!! Lots of the children decided that university is a fun and interesting place to be and many of them are interested in going there, as they would like to become doctors, lawyers, mechanical engineers and astrophysicists!

Year 6 Music Workshop:

This term, our Year 6 children are lucky to be taking part in a Music workshop with some staff and students from Grace Academy. Their first session was on Wednesday 14th October and the children were taught to warm up their voices with breathing exercises. Following this, they sang a range of songs from different cultures and then learnt how to harmonize. The staff were very complimentary about the children’s voices and the children thoroughly enjoyed their first session.

6JK's Class Assembly:

On Friday 9th October, we heard lots of facts about the different roles people had in Ancient Egypt, and listened to a great diary entry, written as if by a slave building the Great Pyramid of Khufu. The Great Pyramid  was nothing compared to the models pyramids that 6JK had made they were brilliant! Well done 6JK! 

5HT's Class Assembly:

5HT produced a really informative assembly this morning about evacuees in WW2. They spoke very clearly and gave us lots to think about as children tried to imagine what it would be like to have to leave home to live in the countryside with strangers. They also shared some famous people who had been evacuees - notably Michael Caine and Roger Moore!


Year 5 Trip to the Space Centre:

On Thursday 2nd July, our Year 5 children visited the National Space Centre in Leicester.  It was a great day, with a workshop on how to train to be an astronaut, a guided tour of the stars and planets in the Planetarium, as well as lots of great interactive displays to discover.  The children were able to take part in their very own live weather forecast in the Weather pod, sit in a replica space shuttle capsule and see exciting exhibits such as one of the original Soyuz space pods, used by astronauts and cosmonauts to return to Earth after missions in Space.  The weather was great and the air conditioning worked all round the Centre, so they all had the best time

Year 6 Residential:

On 16th June, a group of 28 Year 6 pupils visited Plas Dol y Moch in North Wales. They took part in a range of outdoor activities, which included a gorge scramble, climbing a mountain, kayaking, rock pooling and map reading (they had to make their own way back to the centre following a route on a map). We were really impressed by the team spirit, determination and independence that the children displayed. They were responsible for organising themselves, making their own sandwiches and looking after their rooms as well as taking part in all of the activities. In years to come, the children will no doubt be telling their children about the trip. I'm sure we've got some parents who went there when they were younger who have fond memories of their visit. Thanks to all of the staff who gave up their time to accompany the children on the trip.

Year 6 Trip to Ackers:

As a reward for their fantastic efforts in their SATs, Year 6 were treated to a day trip to Ackers Adventure, on Monday 18th May. They were able to ski, as well as take part in a jungle challenge, where they had to overcome obstacles like walking along drawbridges and swinging on chains. Everyone enjoyed the activities and they all had fabulous day


Writing Success:

On Wednesday 20th May, our School Improvement Advisor (Michelle Pickering) worked with us to monitor writing across the school. She was extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of writing that our children have been working so hard on this half term. We would like to say a big well done to the children for showing their astounding progress in writing. You will have an opportunity to look at your children’s fantastic work in the next half term – we are sure that you will be equally impressed!

Year 5 Visit to Grace Academy:

On Wednesday 18th March, Year 5 spent the whole day at Grace Academy where, as part of Book Week, they took part in a range of activities based around the novel 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. After experiencing a cinema-like screening of the film in a large lecture theatre, the children were split into two groups. Each group visited one of the Science labs, where they tested the melting point of chocolate in order to find the best chocolate to use in a hot country.  After this, they had lunch in the restaurant, which was great as they had it all to themselves so there was lots of room! Then they used the Food Technology rooms to make their very own chocolate crunchy treats, which taught them a range of skills, including washing up! They had a great time and we are all very proud of them.

Year 5 Graduation Ceremony:

As Mrs Turner’s Maths group had successfully completed their Economics based Maths project, they were invited to a full graduation ceremony at the University of Warwick. There were graduation hats and gowns for all attendees, a certificate of completion and a professional photographer to take pictures for proud parents! After the speeches, each winning group presented their business plan to the audience and were rewarded with a round of applause and goody bags! Afterwards, there was a huge buffet and the chance for lots more photos to be taken as well as the opportunity to meet new friends from different schools. For those people who could not attend, certificates will be posted to and given out by Mrs Turner as soon as they arrive.

Year 6 Visit to Partnership Centre:

On Wednesday 4th March, the Year 6 children visited the Jaguar Partnership Centre. They had a fantastic time creating their own comics about Superheroes using ipads. During our special Book Week, the Year 6 children are looking forward to reading their comics to our Year 1 children, who are currently working on Superheroes in their topic work.

Year 5 Warwick University Link:

Over the last half term, Mrs Turner's Year 5 Maths group have been working with Economics students from the University of Warwick. They have been learning all about the World economy, the trade systems needed for countries to make money and discovering the meaning of important concepts such as 'value,' 'supply and demand' and 'what is money?'

The peak of this work was the independent creation and development of the children’s very own business plans, where children worked in groups to formulate their own business ideas. The children came up with a range of innovative ideas for business plans and these included a florist, a 24 hours on-trend leisurewear outfitters, a touring theatre company, a stimulating board game and a fully inclusive butler and pet care service. The class have all worked extremely hard and they completed their topic with a Dragon's Den style of presentation to the rest of the Year 5 children. The staff and University students were very impressed by the children's focus, effort levels and knowledge of such a complex subject.  Well done everyone!